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Too Crazy

South Border

I ain't crazy, i'm too crazy
Just everything about you, about you girl

All this time that you see me so cold
Hold me near, hold me close, just feel my heartbeat
This unconditional love is what keeps my heart
Feel me deep and you will see
How the world gets so lucky
To have someone like me
Who could love a woman so true
With all honesty, like no man could do

Loving someone is giving him the power to hurt you
But making you feel so loved is my mission to do
Your beautiful face i can never replace
But whenever i see those tears
It makes me break down and cry
When i see you sad and down
When you feel the world is over you
I just wanna let you know that i won't
Hurt you no more

We know the sky ain't so clear since we've been
Baby love i apologize, i'll compromise
In every way that gives you happiness
More than anythin in this world
And i will never ever let go, never let go…

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