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Chest Hair


He used to live with a knife in the wall
Blonde to the bone, liked to piss out the door
Maidens of Eire licked his arse every day
Thought he could talk, just had nothing to say

He loved to say "Don't you know who you are?"
Wrote poetry, Morrisey, Johnny Marr
He tried to tell us all
That we were going to fall
If we didn't change our ways
Tried to pretend it was all just a phase

Then Kieran said to his face from a far
Look at the circle on our calendar
You know that that's the day
When you'll be gone away
We're kicking you right out of here
So time to go, pack your bags, shed a tear

Yeah! You're gone
Yeah! You're gone
Yeah! You're gone
Yeah! You're gone

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