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Buy Me Pony


Don't you wanna be
A personality
An ocean in the sea
But you'll never make it
If you can't shake it
So don't mistake it
Just try and fake it
And I want you to know
You don't have far to go
So we'll use all your dough
To buy new clothes
And see what flows
And powder your nose
For those photos
You're almost on your way
To popularity
And we'll teach you to play
With icy stare
And punk rock hair
And beatnik flair
We'll take you there

'Coz there's nobody else like you
And we sure care just what you're doing
After we have gone our seperate ways

So don't you want to be
A big time entity
Your place in history
But don't be scared
Of what we said
'Coz there's no end
To being your friend
But wait out in the hall
We've just received a call
We'll have to dump you all
But don't you try
To pass us by
'Coz we own you
Until we're through

And there's so many round like you
And we don't care just what you're doing
After we have gone our seperate ways

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