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Spin Doctors

Indifferent minds seek nothing
They wait to be told
They never stop talking
The way you talk to me
You give me the blues
I feel like walking
Expression's at the story's gate
Share your thoughts, do they walk away?
Revealing tales of kids and pawns,
Tall grass, dragons, and moutain songs
Break the thread of indifference
They'll suck the wind right from your soul
To never listen to the voice of memory
Is to die waiting for nothing
I'd rather kiss the empty blue
Than to stay here waiting forever on you
On a trip in theis place called time
Where no one lives, no one can find
Quiet streams of life gone by
Roll down the face of lovers
And in the early morning tears
We cry
Into each other
Sew the thread of indifference
It rolls on and on and on
To never listen to the voice of memory
Is to die waiting for nothing

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Compuesta por: Aaron Comess / Chris Barron / Eric Schenkman / Mark White. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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