Saw a girl at a picture show
Walked right up and said hello
Seemed to me like a girl in need
I'm a guy who's build for speed
You and me could have some fun, you pretty little one

Took her riding all around the town
Ain't no woman ever shut me down
Ever seen a truck like this?
How about a little kiss, you pretty little one

Pretty little one
Pretty little one

Took her out about a month or so
She's my gal, I told her so
She resisted for a bit
Maybe that's the way of it, you pretty little one

Couple times she tried to leave
Told her that don't work for me
Her daddy tried to intervene
Folks, I'm just a mean machine
I can handle dumb old Pops, what's he done but shovel rocks
I said baby that's enough
Might have got a little rough on the pretty little one

Pretty little one
Pretty little one

Then she called me late one night
Said it's over, let's not fight
I said sure, but one more talk
Maybe just a little walk
Round the block, a nice goodbye
You're so lovely honey-pie
I went over, picked her up
Got her in my pickup truck
Driving slow around the town
Then I put the pedal down
Took her down a gravel road
Parked the truck where no one knows
This is where the job gets done, you pretty little one

Pretty little one
Pretty little one

Blackest night that I had seen
In the darkness I felt mean
From my boot, I pulled a knife
Said I'm gonna take your life
I was calm as I could get, so I lit a cigarette
In the flicker I could see
She had a pistol trained on me, that pretty little one

I said mister, I'm no fool
My daddy raised me country cool
I think my papa knows enough
Guys like you who think they're tough
Read them easy as ABC
That's when he gave this gun to me
Ever since your truck arrived, my hand's been on this forty-five

I went at her with my knife
She pulled the trigger, shot me twice
In the heart, and in the head. Took half a breath, slumped over dead
She pumped another for good luck
Right between my buttercups, that pretty little one

Pretty little one
Pretty little one

In the grave, I'm dead and gone
That little gal, she wrote this song
She came over in due force, sang to me without remorse
Then she whispered to the ground
I'll let you have another round
My name is Lucy Allencot
You should know that I was not
Your pretty little one

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