This sky is green,
This grass is blue.
I'll paint this picture
And give it all to you.
When i'm here
I feel so free,
It's cold out there.
Why can't you believe?
It's true, so true.
My words fall down.
It's true, i need you.
Looking past what i believe.
Break this silence
It brought me to my knees.
I'll break past what
I've been shown.
Now i see that
I've finally found a home.
Shining star from yesterday
Fell to the ground,
Faded away.
Look to the sky to understand.
I've got my grip,
But i've lost my hand.
It's true.
Take a look inside,
I can see what's real.
Let loose my pride.
Open up my world.
In this place of peace,
I can understand.
Will you look at me,
Will you take my hand?

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