Photo of the artist Still Life

A Sunset Walk To The Cliff

Still Life

I've watched this through many a crumbling wall.
In silence I've watched my vision fall. I wonder if I can breath. This silence is choking me. I'm beaten or so it seems. Can no one ever hear my screams. I wonder if I'll survive.
It's easy bury me alive. In spring time we'll live again. Remember what might have been. In summer a changing wind. In winter return again. I've watched the flowers fade. More dying every day. I will fade. Erase my name. Easy for you to say, that I never cared anyway. Just look in my eyes, I'm still hear. In your mind I am dead.
I'm trying to stay alive. You left me with no good byes.
I watch the flowers fade. More dying every day. I never lost my sight, but I watched you lose your faith

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