Photo of the artist Still Life

Cure For The Common Cold

Still Life

I leave the tension dispersed
walk away from this time, fade the hurt
I guess I'm moving on
change myself to what I'll then become
A longer road lies ahead
but for tonight I'll just get

Away away from me I'll be

Too much of this is enough
Now I'm farther away, things are looking up
and this is how I deal
deal to myself another life
I choose to start it again
so now I'll find what to me has been so

Real so real too real for me
Will my far away home
fall away now?

I knew just what I needed
take an extended trip to clear my head
I lived through my darkest day
now I'm moving to something a little less

Gray less gray fit me makes me

Will my far away home
fall away now?

Get back inside I'll show you where to hide
don't ask me where, I'm gonna take you there
It's suffering that makes us think again
leave it all up to me

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