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Worst-Case Scenario

Stretch Arm Strong

Once again I said too much.
Cannot keep my mouth shut and I let you down for the third timetoday
and I always knew it would end up this way.
Never understood the point of reflection,
always just assumed that you need my insertion
and my point of view to make your life easier for you.
All the things I said and all the things I meant.
Get lost in translation and they never come out right
and it's never as good as it sounded at first.
So please don't let me let you down
and i won't make the same mistake I've made
a thousand times before and the one I'm making right now
so let me take my foot and put it in my mouth.
And I won't, I won't let you down.
I never thought it would come to this and I never dreamed we'd gothis far.
You burnt me once again and my soul will wear this scar.
Yesterday was just a memory. Tomorrow may never be.

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