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O.C. Supertones

The O. C. Supertones

"Where you from?"
"Orange County."

Alright, Orange County Supertones in the house
Full effect, ready to bust some rounds out
We're the dance band from the south land,
So come up front, dance, and we'll sing

We ain't got no place to go
Let's go to the rudeboy show
I wanna hear them play it rude
Gonna pop some rudeboy attitude

You know I get up when I hear that he found me
You know I'm safe and sound with my rudeboyz all around me
Well, the Supertones are up, we're gonna kick it to the 'burbs
And our purpose is to serve, in case you hadn't heard
Father, Son, Spirit
Hear it, near it, fear it
Father, Son, and Holy spirit
God's alive and He's here right now, here right now
He's in love with you, I hope that's clear right now, clear rightnow

That's just life down in Southern California
That's just life, Orange County, California

No, no, no I don't wanna see none of that
Bone crunchin' or that toe munchin'
I wanna see some of that good ol' midget punchin'
Here we go!

Well if you used to be a Christian, then you never was
Just sittin' up in church and sayin' what a Christian does
The world's got a gun, but the devil's got the trigger
Stand strong with faith deeper than a t-shirt or a sticker
You probably ask yourself, how'd this Jew boy get so crazy?
It came from kickin' mad in knowledge, didn't come from bein'lazy
We got the rthym and the rthym's got roots
I'm a crazy little Hebrew on stage wearin' monkey boots
I love to be on stage singin' bimskalabimmin
I love to be out in the crowd a skankin' and a swimmin'
King David my great grandfather was a dancer
King Solomon my great grandfather a romancer
Jesus came from Jesse
But Jesse came from Jesus
Now come to Lord Jesus cuz Lord Jesus frees us!

That's just life down in Southern California
That's just life, Orange County, California

Whoa whoa whoaaaa....

"Orange County, huh?"

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