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Death To Macrocosm


A frozen dark invaded my flesh,
And she became more conscious than me.
On an altar for sepulture,
The world called me back beyond
The thresholds of cosmos.
I realise now i'm into a mystic death,
And near the gates there is no lightness.
There are ways where other things can be.
Out of the distant i sink into emptiness,
Forever the mortal condition will be assumed,
And the suffering curse of our essence.
My desperate eyes, reflected my soul suicide,
Am i dying like all those men?
A moment of eternity,
The passage into macrocosm... began on my altar.
Phantomatic minds which comes to me are from depths.
Cries of funeral souls are melancholic odes to pain,
Which makes me remember mine.
(priest: ) to thee, o satan, glory be!
The liberation of my dark energies. i've made
A temple of my spirit; were wide branches spreads.
Thou art the instigator of my own destruction,
Thou art my master guide lift.
To thee my remains will be,
Until my dreams will forever be.

Into astral circles even you, death, are mortal
Beyond the unholy astral demons plan, the sphere
I'm in transcends those realities
And near the gate there is no lightness,
Every time i live this mystic death.
Death is not only an act, but a thought
Which abscesses me, dark, o death!
Life is a way but other things can be,
Into astral circles even you death are mortal.
Dead on my altar, i'm far beyond the thresholds
Of the ethereal cosmos.

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