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Shake It Off

Take 5

Hey, 2000 what
(5.4.3) (5.3) Take off Take Off
Take 5 baby
We wanna see you shake it baby
2000 what baby
We wanna see you shake it baby
So shake it off
Chillin' in the club
Got my boys with me
And the party's all jumpin' in the VIP
DJ's playin my favorite beat and I'm havin a good time baby
Look across the room,what did I see?
A really fine girl who needs to leave with me.
She was burnin up the place
She was shakin and shakin
She was so fine so fine

It took me 5 months
Just to get to know your name
5 weeks
To show you I ain't playin games
5 days
For you to even let me call over to your house babe
5 hours
On the phone beggin you
5 minutes
Now I'm here kissin you
5 seconds
You got me in a shakin' mood
Now is the time

Somebody better
Shake it Off
*Shake it Off
Shake it Off
*Shake it Off
I know you wanna
Shake it Off
*Shake it Off
So Shake it Off
Shake it Off
Shake it Off
*Shake it Off
Shake it Off
Oh baby please
Shake it Off
So Shake it Off
Shake It Off

Shake It Off!

Now that we're alone
Come show me how
I really wanna learn
How you get down
Don't make me wait
Girl I'm ready now
Let's get busy one time
Start shakin that body
From left to right
Didn't even get tired
She could do it all night
This girl put it on me
Just the way I like
I think I love her
I want her



I've never been the type
To fall in love from sight
But seein' you is like
A riot in my life
Now you took control of me oh
The heart and soul of me eh
Now you got a hold of me
Now I can shake it down

5 4 3
~Who wanna dance right now?
5 3 2
~Put your hands up uh c'mon
~Put your hands up what c'mon

1 2 3
Throw yo hands up high what uh
4 5 6
Wave from side to side
Shake it Off
7 8 9 C'mon
Let me see you shake c'mon now
10 11 12
C'mon let's do it again
Shake it Off



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