Let's kick on back to the places we know
The path isn't set
Yet you life is on show

Saw you running in circles
Got a bug in your head
Feeling needles and pins
Get them outta my head
Take a chance on a rumour
Heard from a friend
That something is gonna change

It's creepin' up slowly
She's taken me over
It's turning me on
With every breath that I take
I roll up my dreams
And blow them away

Cruising on Blue Street
My worries are freed
Stressed out and in doubt
I know exactly what you need

Got your life wrapped up
In the palm of your hand
Try to feel what I feel
But you can't understand
No you won't be satisfied 'til you see
That something is gonna change


Rip it up and turn the page
Slip through the cracks in the stage
And you will find me there
Look past the nose upon your?
Face it, it's gonna change

Saw you movin' in slowly
Caught a glint in your eye
A moment's hesitation
Keeps you wondering why
And you won't be satisfied 'til you see
This meeting of the minds inside of me

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