Photo of the artist Taxiride

Let's Spent The Night


Left me here on a rainy day
Somehow I knew this would come
Silent room full of memories
Now I wake to find that everything's gone

It could have been, I think to myself
A blessing that I'll never know
And if it seems I'm trying too hard
Give me the strength to let go

It's the last time that we'll have together
It's the only thing left in our lives
But as long as we still have each other
Let's spend the night

Find myself a better life you used to say
Now your dreaming has finally grown
Even though you are near and the answers so clear
I can't do it, I can't let you go

And if it seems I'm falling behind
It's hurting me more than you'll know


I remember the line that you gave to me
'Bout the day and the rest of our lives
Now that you've found your place to be
It'll kill me if you're not around


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