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Everybody Loves A Happy Ending

Tears For Fears

Toe the line
Toe the line

Wake up your time is nearly over
No more the supernova
And no action guaranteed

Wake up you've had an operation
Ideals above your station
Too much reality

Think about the waste of time spending
Watching Mother Nature's knees bending
Everybody loves a happy ending

Wake up you're on your own agenda
Give up the great pretender
With baby eyes of green

Wake up you're holding on to nothing
You know you're only bluffing
As dead as autumn leaves

Think about the waste of time spending
Watching Mother Nature's knees bending
Everybody loves a happy ending

Don't you just love a happy ending?
Oh yeah well so do I
And all your love will shine on everyone

The darkness of the day
A curse in every way
You try to see the light
But you don't know why
Don't know why

They tell you on the phone
To give your God a bone
And grow a set of wings like a butterfly

The guarding at the gate
Reminds you that you're late
You try to take your time
But you toe the line
Toe the line

The children of the world
And daddy's little girl
The grass is always green on the other side
So stay and breathe new lies

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up

Wake up, wake up
Everything is moving faster than you think
(Wake up, wake up)
Your pen is running out of ink
(Wake up, wake up)
Fill up your bath and kitchen sink
(Wake up, wake up)
They're really kicking up the stink
(Wake up, wake up)
You've never found the missing link
(Wake up, wake up)
You should be happy and to think
(Wake up, wake up)
You're rending members out of sync
(Wake up, wake up)
And God is whiskered as a wink
(Wake up, wake up)
Once more are different to the brink

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Compuesta por: Charlton Pettus / Curt Smith / Roland Orzabal. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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