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A Little Gasoline

Terri Clark

Throwing pictures out the window
Scattered by the way the wind blows
Bye, Bye Baby
That's the last I'll see of you
Shoebox full of old love letters
I'll tear each one 'til I feel better
And I won't look back
'Cause I don't like the view

What my heart needs now is rest
So I'm packin' up and I'm headed west
My mind's made up
I'll put it to the test
Pushing myself and this old machine
Burning fumes and what's left of my dreams
Let 'em go 'cause I don't need no strings
Just give me a road and a little gasoline

We talked in circles 'til the words ran out
And it all came down to an angry shout
Before I knew it I was in third gear and gone
Well this had been coming for a long, long time
If I said I'm sorry, well I'd be lying
If you think I'll never make it
Well, you'd be wrong

Repeat Chorus twice

Just give me a road and a little gasoline

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