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You're Easy On The Eyes

Terri Clark

Shoulda known it was you
Knocking on my door
At half past a heartache at quarter to four
Were you starting to worry
I was finally getting over you

I almost forgot
You looked so fine
If you told me some lies, it'd be like old times
Just getting to see you
Is almost worth the things you do

You're easy on the eyes
Hard on the heart
You look so good
But the way things look
Ain't the way they are
Better say goodbye
Before this goes too far
Cause now I realize you're easy on the eyes
Hard on the heart

I got to admit
You got a smile
That really reeled me in for awhile
But it ain't funny honey
What you put me through

So why don't you send me
Your photograph
It'd hurt a lot less than taking you back
Then I could still have my favorite part of you

Repeat Chorus twice

Now I realize you're easy on the eyes
Hard on the heart

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Written by: Chris Waters / Terri Clark / Tom Shapiro. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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