--Part 1 : Singularity--

Give me your hand
I can save you from the fall
I'm in your shadow
Run until your feet are aching to the bone

I see you looking back at me
As this might be the end of me
Misfortune in my history
And even more awaiting me
Tired of such controversies
Sometimes I long for sweet release
I've found a place that welcomes me
A greener grass and bluer sea
Free from all the sudden grief
No clenching fists no gritting teeth
I feel the freedom as I breathe
A nature and its calm relief

It all comes to life right before your eyes

And I wander through ideals
Reflecting all I know and how it falls into focus
It seems my progression lays behind this wall
So I plant a seed and lead erosion to the wall
And lead erosion to it all

And I'll be here
Looking for purpose in the sun
And I'll be ever here

The horizon bears such a beauty
We'll never know how much we can't see
Your atheist terse solemnity
It bruises me

And it all comes to life
Why do I still feel?
Dead inside

--Part 2 : Embers--

I think I've seen a million sights
And then I see that I'm still a child
How could I have been so blind to firmly believe there is no choice
I'm so aware that you are just as equally cauterized as I
Is this for me?
Another flame to tarnish my every chance

Wait inside the fire

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