Turn your back on everything
Banging heads with prophecy
Lavish in uncertainty

Who will I be?
How will I live to tell what I have seen?
Must I endure the hell that comes with the peace?
An equilibrium of God's own release
What does it all mean?
How can he justify?
How can we breathe
When the stagnancy's choking me?
How can we dream?
The nightmare
The reality
How do you sleep at night?

Take this doubt and fear to your grave

This life of stone
The hand of God I'm too tempted to bribe
I'm getting old and growing paralyzed
We're all alone
Until we let our minds take to the skies
Our blood runs cold yet we remain alive

What's the confliction between heart and mind?
How to bridge the void?
Fuse the two in kinship
To understand your prospects and vistas
And yet to see the love here too
It's more than I can do
Vows and pursuits which at best hollow
I remain torn in two

Just seize the moment
Sabotage the lines
Life turns on a dime
Please cease the torment
It's weighing on my mind
The pressure you apply won't hold

Lavish in uncertainty
Turn your back on everything

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