We have no use for your carcass
Overwhelming darkness
I can feel the earth turn
I close my eyes and everything burns
We get sick but we never die
Time flies
I am spiraling out of control
Allow the darkness to swallow you whole
As the sun beats down on my broken form
Wishing I was never born
Poison courses through my veins
I am so afraid
Blue clouds are black turning red
I like to dream I'm already dead
Your world will freeze and refuse to spin
Ice floes in the funeral hymn
Frigid air. We weren't prepared
This has all come too soon
Cold gloom
Now you know I will never rest
You were the one who knew me best
Life is sinking into hospice
Disconnect from reality. Welcome to the abyss
Keep digging deeper as I punish myself
There's nobody out there and no one can help
I am blistered from the frozen sun
Find your own way home

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