I lift my eyes up in these days of trouble will my help come from You?
And if I stumble will You pick me up? What else could a father do?
Well, You know just where I'm going. You made the open road.
So take my hand, Lord, and lead me home.

O, my God.
I lift my heart up, whether it's whole or broken, good God I know You're gonna work it out
So on my heart beats to a beat that I put my hope in the love of my God pouring out

O, my God.
O, my God.
I will sing, sing, sing and You will be my song.

I'm gonna sing it like it's everything to me
I'm gonna sing it like the deep calling out to deep
I'm gonna sing it like it's all I've got
'Cause all that I want is to sing for the love of God

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Written by: Aaron Powell / Elias Dummer / Eric Fusilier / Josh Vanderlaan. Isn't this right? Let us know.