Christ, what have we done?
O my God, what have we become?
We?re like the priestess as she?s bare
We?re broken and bruised on the outside
Clang our cymbals, sing our hymns
We turn a blind eye to our sin, singing
Christ have mery
On us

Lamb of God who takes away
The sin of the world
We are sinners gone astray
Have mercy lord

Proud, we have played God
Arrogant rebels from the start
Dying to kill who you let live
Eager to judge who you forgive
Mad for the glitter of the gold
But we can?t buy or sell that soul
Though we confess, you take the blame
Lamb of God we plead, we pray, singing
Dm]christ have mery
On us

Redeemer of the world
Forgiveness is divine!
In chris, the risen son
There is no sin too great to reconcile!

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