I Have a Dream (It Feels Like Home)

The City Harmonic

I have a dream that you can have with me
Of a city that shines so bright at night
Where love is true, but this love, He finds You
And there is a fire in His eyes
Where I can see everything?s alright

And it feels like home, sweet home
And there's no place like home

When I awake that day in glory

Your love will light the city streets
And we won?t need our songs of longing
We?ll be a symphony of peace
Brothers and sisters, we?ll be free
Thank God Almighty, we?ll be free

And it feels like home, sweet home
And there?s no place like home

Oh, I hear them bells a-ringin?
Oh, I see the city lights
Oh, the dream is real until you close your eyes

It feels like home

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