From heaven to us, you came in love
Reaching down, although we
Turned our hearts
In sacrifice, you gave your son
Over to death, our sins to wash away
In this sacrifice, displayed
All the beauty of unending love
There?s so much that I could say
Yet these simple words are rising up

Fa-ther, mm, oh what love
Fa-ther, mm, oh what love

Fully man and fully God
A great high priest upon a throne of grace
And in this priesthood, I am won
By grace restored to bow before you now
For on the cross, one final cry!
You traded purity for all my shame
The son of God, for man to die
Even then I know youknew my name

Je-sus, mm, oh what love
Je-sus, mm, oh what love

Nothing can separate us from your love
No mountain high, no valley low!
How high, how deep, how wide,
The love of God
More love than I have ever known!

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