One foot, then the other
Such embarrassment
It wasn't meant that
I, I should discover
Such offensive things
The suffering sends
Hope to the ground
But I really never had enough
They've got pride in him
This tide turns lives over

A back-town prophecy
Adorned in stony skin
We never ever (never ever)
Ever had to lie to move ahead
But here in oblivion
We cling to what we can
So in the end (in the end)
We can say that with these hands
We took it all back
It all back

So let us force a smile
And pretend that we're alive
Oh, but somewhere
None of this happened
The bullets removed themselves
Life is beautiful

I have a home above the lake where I could

Forget the words
To the songs that we've heard
The passages read
All the names in a world
That have brought us this pain
From the wounds we've sustained
A cold calloused heart
Sitting still in this cave of a chest
So abandon a life from before
A boy and his innocence

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