The silence dominates divining resolutions from my hands
Lights drawn in the sand

But my volition's wry
My temperance twisted, faced with failing light
Nothing in my sight

If I fall into the ocean
Send my soul into the sea
Will these reflections trouble me?
Will I dream a final dream?

I sense this silhouette
Who's standing vigil growing very sore
Just one moment more

Before I close the curtain
Fate uncertain; spirit to the dark
Endlessly apart

Can I fall into the ocean?
Send my soul into the sea
No distant echoes haunting me
No further phantoms will I see
This silence held eternally

But what if the silence is broken
By the ones you've loved?
Incredibly pleasant
With a heavenly breath to wake you up
With nothing left to poison a portrait of who I've become
Only elation remains
Protecting us from this never ending night

Dear apparition, while my senses last
Is absolution far too much to ask?
Will you forgive a truly troubled past?

The silver lining still remains
The sights I've left to see
So trust that with this end
A new beginning's waiting patiently

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