It's a curse in a cycle of misbelief
and it keeps on happening
A tradition, a trail of deceit
I never stopped and questioned
Why is it so damned hard to find
Anyone who can get behind such a simple plot?
Keep your eye on the prize

Think what you want
Believe what you think
Know what you believe
'cause it's all misconceived
And I asked you for nothing
Nothing but, "Why?"
"Because" isn't an answer
It's just a reply

It's a cure, a disciple of belief
And it keeps you here with me
And it keeps on happening
And I never meant to kill the prize
Like an unreliable fire
Anyone can get behind
Keep your eye on the prize

I am cynical
It's a curse

I am cynical
I have nothing you want
Take everything
Don't leave anything
Hollow me
Take the core
Leave nothing at all
I am cynical
Nothing left

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