He Said He Had a Story

The Dear Hunter

There was a silver circle sign, and she was standing at the door
we pressed our way right through the crowd, our pace was quickened to her floor,
there was a single feigning light, and there was silk all on the walls,
she had a lot of love to give, I was prepared to take it all

"And what did she do next?"

She had disrobed, and she was waiting on the floor.
She asked me what it was I want, I thought that I wanted it all.

"What did you say?"

I said "Stand up and move your body to the bed."
She quickly stood, and slowly turned, and
heres exactly what she said.

"Please be soft and sweet to me, this life has not been good
you see its hard with such a history buried in misery."

"And what did you do next?"

I broke a smile reminding that I paid her well.
Her lips returned, and then I felt her hands unbuckling my belt.

"So was it good?"

It felt like heaven, but I'm sure she was in hell-
I made it clear I'd get my money's worth out of the goods she sells.

Break and bind yourself to me, deliver what you've sold
you see that I will only take from you, and use it up.
Ill use you up

What was her name?

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