We've Got a Score To Settle

The Dear Hunter

Calm down,
you won't gain any ground if youre shaking from head to toe.
And if you'd wake up
you'd be weary to lie 'cause discerning eyes will know.
Your words carry the weight of the world, and
they're waiting for that shoe to drop.
So you sit down, you give in,
and they get up,
then they yelled.

Someone's got blood on their hands.
With a stone cold glare and a crooked grin.
You know exactly what
we're saying when we say
"Forget about truth and consequence we've got a way to deal with this."

And if you're good maybe they'll be light on you.
Long as you dance just like they want you to.
shelter that look in your eyes and think about staying alive.
Sit down,
give in,
when they get up and they yell.

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