Pages burn on a porcelain plate.
The smoke fills the air as if all along it was our fate that brought you and I near.
Green shag carpets damp from last nights beer.
You signed your glass with a kiss.
The scent of lipstick everywhere.
Now it rests on a water stained chair.
And the last remaining pieces of you...

Dirty on the ground,
and nothing left to be found between us.
Struggling to relive those moments lost.

You lost a bet when you met me dear,
but I thought I'd won the lottery.
The smell of smoke still in the air.
Last night proved how wrong I'd be.
Lost and dead on the ground with nothing left to be found between us.
Breathing in one last breath as I inhale the scent of you.

Stale cigarettes and red wine residue.
A haunting suggestion of you on the tip of my tongue.

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