Spotlight for Jean, she's more than seventeen
Seems keen, in other words
She must have been a former Beauty Queen
Now she's a naughty girl.

Wild, wild, wild, tiger woman
(Wild, wild, wild, wild)
You move me very fast
But can it last another day?
Get out of my way
Wild, wild tiger woman
(Wild, wild, wild, wild)
You never break, you never fall
They call you the Wild Tiger Woman.

Tied to the bed, she's waiting to be fed
No pay till Saturday
Can't see an ounce of reason in her head
Don't laugh and turn away.


Need another girl to come and grab her by the tail
As I was hoping that the ground would open up and take me in
Life is so obscene,
And the remarks that go unseen
Have been diminished to the earth
I'll never find another girl.

All in the race, such a friendly face
Seems clean and upper class
Young indecisive minds are in a maze
She moves me very fast

Chorus, repeat

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