Apathy In The UK

The Rotted

Queuing in the cold since half past four.
Want to be the first ones through the door.
We were eager and young, our journey had just begun.
But we were hungry for more, we'd stay true we swore.

Death metal, black metal, thrash or punk,
Hardcore, grindcore, doom or sludge.
To us it was one, diy was law,
It was the underground and we supported it proud.

Colored vinyl, gatefold sleeves, limited editions not mp3s.
The devil's church, the braindead club, the king's cross red eye, the standard pub.

Fanzines, mixtapes, word of mouth and trading demos was soon phased out
For downloading albums in their scores, reducing music to ones and naughts.

Corporate sponsorship on venue walls,
No history of the bands who played before.
"Why go outside when we can sit online and support the scene from behind a screen."
"The world wide web is where we'll convene, making empty threats and arguing"
What the fuck have you done to my scene!???

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