Out Of Hand

The Rotted

Fools gather round to watch me bleed
But there are things you'll never see
To protect and serve one nation under god
A nation in which no one's free

Their flesh begins to rot
What's left of what they've got
A boring life is getting old
Mischief won't turn to gold

By going back to burning books
Ripping apart things that doesn't fit
One times one equals nine
Your make believe reality is full of shit

Jesus Christ
Lord of flies
In disguise

It's fucked to hear one idiot's words
But worse to see others believe it
Fucked up minds in fucked up times
It's up to you to foresee it

Jesus Christ
Lord of flies
In disguise
It's all built upon lies
Out of hand
Is this a fucking joke
Out of mind
And it makes me fucking choke

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