You talk about the gifts you buy for me
Talk about the beautiful things you say
The car you drive, The things you do, The way we ride
It ain't you
Always seem to know what I'm about
Telling me you know without a doubt
That I'm the one
That I'm for real
Well let me ask you

Did you notice?
I don't like this
I'm no trophy
What you front is not for me, no

My hands, doesn't wanna hold yours
My plans, really don't invole yours and so we know if its
Not good enough
Just not good enough, no
My eyes, doesn't wanna look at you
My mind, doesn't wanna deal with who you become it's
Not good enough
Just not good enough for me

I never understood your reasons for
Coming off as if your good for more
Than what you have
Than what you are
I'm sick of that
And I know I come across as the girl who cares
Cares about my bags and the shoes I wear
But I'm for real
I never pose
I say what I feel

You don't know me
You won't like this
But I'm gonna say it anyway

Your Ride, I don' care about that
Your Pride, I don't care about that
Where are you?
Where did you go?
Please tell me who lies next to me at night
And I really thought we could go so high
And it's killing me to see you try the way you do
I wanted you but you are nowhere around

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Written by: Andreas Romdhane / Ina Wroldsen / Josef Larossi · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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