I was living in a yellow room
And the goldfish eyes and clear the room
And in your life I hope that it's the knife
That cuts life angels, and their wings drop

And can I be next to you?
And I'll be right in the next room
Tell, can I be brave?
Shit, I dunno
Cause I gotta mess up these words
But that's okay, because, because
The only thing is around
Cause it's good to be, good to be

And I move over
And I let go
Giving down to
He's something, oh!
He said 'I'll be around but, it's dangerous!'
He said, 'It's all I ate on this day or two'


I was stuck inside your prison heart
And your emplish tongues and slice it off
He cleared my room and then he ran away
On top of this, (?????)

And can I go next to you?
And I'll beat her up some more
And I'm not going that way!
He said, 'Whoooahoooahhhh!'
Oh my god, what the fuck was that?
I can't believe that just happened
Yes, I just, it's alright where it is
Cause he's always there on (??)
It'll all be over
It's on your way
The time is over
It's dangerous
He said, 'Better he than me to five time us'
He said ' And I'll be the one'

Ohhhhh, ba ba,


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