And things are dark but it's bound too low
He gonna change then I don't know
We tried the same everyday
But I be a little insane, you know!

Gonna try try to get inside
I'm not leaving on the 95
Don't look around cause I'm not here
And Lisa, I don't live on the earth

And friends at ease and I walk out
He said and I like Christmas trees
Were going nice give you that breeze
I'm going in the stars to meet
The people that get down on the floor
You know that I've been run thru that door
And I'm living in this city and tried to escape that
The life I have decided to live

Do you know what I am?
Riding on the line
I'll take a list of your five
You're fucking hell in my sight
And I'm going into brothers' room
But now I'm leaving American
She said
He's on his way
He's on his way

Well you forgot that thing
I was only a child
But it's okay here, back of my mind
Ever since the day you came alone
I've been writing songs

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