And you're my favorite son he said and I'm not there
In your life
Cause I'll be free but its at large today

And thou the ships it passed and on the end
It's my way
Because I know sometimes again
It's unclear

Purchasing lost, the skies on the size on the end
It's my ways of living life and it's a certain town

I breathe down five next on the track on the end
Getting down it's like a social event its all proxy glass

And I can't get on today
He did a man for 20 days, he said
I know
Sliding in the room he's got 25 dollars for you
If you can give him a hand

I'm tired of life, I'm tired tonight I'm on the end
In my life, living life is dirt & sour

Keeping the dragon on the end
It's my way summer day and I'm deep in my own
And I promised you all

No I won't sit down
And I'll be chasing all those people around
Who's they?

Storm in my room
I get a little used to you
But I only meant

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