You'll never never hear my silence
But that's the price I'll pay
Coz I'm anti-antiseptic
I'm anti-antipasto
I'm anti-anticipation
And I'm anti-antichrist
But I'm pro-prophylactic
I'm pro-propane gas
I'm pro-propaganda
And I'm for-antipathy
The future starts tomorrow
With the children of today
They'll never feel your sorrow
They stand right in your way
So take your brain out
Have it washed,
That's a fact of life
But I don't mean like Blair and Tootie
They'd both make a damn good wife
I'm anti-antidote
I'm anti-antiquate
I'm anti-antifreeze
I'm anti-guitar hero
I'm anti-antimatter
I'm anti-antipersonnel
I'm anti-antonym
I'm anti-Ann Taylor
I'm anti-antibiotic
I'm anti-anticlimax
I'm anti-Andrew Ridgley
I'm anti-anticoagulant
I'm pro-procreation
I'm pro-programmable
I'm pro-prohibition
I'm pro-profanity
I'm anti-antitrust
I'm anti-antiknock
I'm anti-antiknock additive
I'm anti-pro choice
I'm pro-anti choice
I'm pro-propaganda
I'm Proctor & Gamble
I feel any more verses to this song
Would be anti-climatic

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Written by: Dave Quackenbush / Warren Fitzgerald. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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