I'm gonna miss you buddy,
you were the best pal in the world
I feel real bad
cuz your going away
but things will be better in the other world

when you get to heaven
I bet your legs will work again
you can run around like years before
and you'll be surrounded by your friends

They'll never have to pick you up
out of the mud,
your hair will grow back
and you'll have a lot of fun

I think about the good times,
like when I dressed you up in human clothes,
peanut butter on the roof of your mouth,
chase you around the back yard with the hose

You were my constant companion
but now you don't recognize me
your eyes are blind and dad says
we should let you die with dignity

You knew where we were going on that last ride
when I promised mom & dad I wouldn't cry.

I think it's the right thing to do
if your in pain
Canine Euthanasia
seems more humane

Now sometime has passed
since you have gone away.
I got a new pal
and he's really great
but I think about you every day

I miss you more than any girl,
you never let me down.
Where ever you are
I wish I was there
I was always happy
when you were around.

Sooner or later everyone dies
but I wish I never had to say good-bye

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