Hey mom, it's been fantastic since I'm on my own
At first it seemed so drastic when you and dad kicked me out
but it made me get my act together
and learn what life's all about
now I'm self reliant I can hold my own

Movin' up,

I got me a job, at a food service place
I'm making four-fifty
and things are going great
I'm cleaning toilets, making fries
but in a couple years
Your least favorite son could make the manager

I don't need education,
forget about a college
I've got the motivation,
I've got the knowledge

I'll work my way slowly up the food service ladder
and prove to my new family here I really matter

Movin' up,
here I come,
Movin' up

I hate to jinx my chances
if it's too soon to speak
but there has been some talk,
I could be worker of the week

They'll give me half price lunches
and my own parking space
if I ever get a car
that's icing on the cake

Movin' up,
here I come,
I'm doing great

I may share one room place
with seven other strangers
with bugs and drugs
and several other dangers

but I command the dinner shift,
and when depressed
I think the four F's
Friends, Fun, Fast-Food, Flexible hours

cuz I got me a job
I got me a plan
you said I was a mess up
but I proved that I'm a man

I'm here surviving
and I did my own way
Mom and Dad
I wish that you could see me today

I'm Movin' up,
Here I come,
I got a raise,
Movin' up
Here I come,
I'm doing good

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