The night is short
As the day is long
Coming home from work
Under a dying sun
Yea I got a job, not one but two
Just trying to make a living
Bring it home to you

Where is your savior?
He ain't in the clouds
He ain't on vacation
He's coming home now

He got pain in his pockets
Just like his daddy do
Got no money for the market
For me and you
So mama gotta work
She got her head on strong
She's always undercover
Right or wrong

Where is your savior?
She ain't in the clouds
She ain't in the heavens
She ain't making you proud

She wipes away the tears
Just like she always do
You might not understand it
But it's all for you

When the morning comes
Like the morning dew
Wash it all away sun
Let your light shine through
Oh how the morning comes
Like the morning do
Today's a new day son
Let your light shine through

Poke it with a stick
See if the body moves
Oh there ain't nothing left
For the soul to use
Will it go down to heaven
Or up to hell
Or will it wallow in the dirt
No one can tell

Where is your savior?
He fell off the sacred cow
He pissed off damnation
He kicked it in the mouth

There's devils on the surface
They ain't in the ground
There is salvation
It's here and now

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Written by: Jake Smith. Isn't this right? Let us know.