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The Wildhearts

And once upon a time, so pure and crystalline
The sounds would change to what the mood defined
It didn't play a role, we just said bare the soul
And then we left it up to crowd control
Without a code of dress within the fold

Then I heard somebody shout
Hair is in and now it's out
There is no exception to the rule
Showbiz personalities have become authorities

Take a trip, take it home
Make a slip and the time it gets atone
Get it in, get it out
Do it right and there ain't no doubt
No there ain't no doubt being


If there's a sound to play
That doesn't fit today
Why not just play the bastard anyway
Ignore those journalists
They're just one mind you miss
The only voice is what you say is yours
So don't get lost in corporate corridors

Those that wait to twist the knife
From the other side of life
Trying to gain some access into yours
Oh, but would you be in theirs, shouting orders from your chair?

Get some wax, let it burn
Get a life from the things you've seen, not heard
Mix the colours, watch the smoke
If they don't get it then it ain't no joke, no it ain't no joke


Well you're never alone
With a schitzophone
Well you're never alone
With a schitz-o-phone

Take your time
Speak your mind
Believe in politics
And they'll push you under
Feel it all
With open eyes
You know it's hard to fit
You're something unusual
Be inspired
A freak with pride
It's what they'll never be
And they will come running
Look at them running

Plug it in
Let it out
Look around, there's a lot to shout about
Say nothing
And you are nothing
Don't be a dead man sucking on teats while the world competes


You're never alone
With a schitzophone
No you're never alone
With a schitz-o-phone

Take a risk
From your lone time
Use it all
Like a mainline
Feeling restless
Got a ticket
Getting on it


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