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The Year Of No Light

Three Mile Pilot

I stopped believing whats inside of me
I was set on taking everything and making waves destroying the day
The world around went dark I saw it disappear as the colors turned gray

Oh oh oh oh
I'll play the devil
You can be the light
You can save me from the sea
Where I'll be the devil
You can play the light

They took the best of us and sent it on
No we search to fill that void
The world around was dark I saw the light appear just as I turned my head

The waves
The waves
Can you stand the waves
Cause you know I'll be gone so long
I've been living with your devil too long and I've been living with these eyes closed

The world around was dark I saw
I was floating in the salt and sun for a year
Starting to fade I felt you pull me aboard
I opened my eyes to see the world I'd left behind
And it became so clear

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