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Way Of The Ocean

Three Mile Pilot

They slept for 12 hours across from the burning sea
The night will never let them go

Way its the way of the ocean
Way theres no way through the ocean

They reached for the same ladder and fell into the waves that brought them there on the sea of red

I'd better stick to your advice
I'm only asking that you hold the reins
On day one the wind stole their map
By day four we had bought a sword from the sky
Can't see six feet
Summer heat
Can't breathe
I'm going west whether land or sea

By day nine no land in sightand for years theres still no light and I'm going west whether land or sea

Way when theres a way through the ocean
I'll be living on an island by myself
I'll be surrounded by all my failed attempts of escape

I'm just waiting for the ocean to freeze up on me
Theres no way through the ocean

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