Verse 1
Male: I picked a rose among these ancient walls
A garden made for love
But nothing grows at all
I heard your laughter and I almost knew
That wed share our life together
Female: and still surrounded by this fortress strong
Kept from your loving arms too long
Both: if we just close our eyes and begin a new day
We could turn back the time to a world far away
Where our hearts beat as one through the passing of ages
Male: oh, we could turn back time start a brand new day
Female: if we just close our eyes

Verse 2
Male: I saw you walking with the sacred fire
A girl her eyes so wild with anger and confusion
The only spark of life to grace this land
Both: we shared this hope eternal (male whisper: eternal)
Female: and now it seems as though youve found your place
(male: found your place)
Lost my loving embrace
Male: Ill give more than forever
Female: our love will carry us away
Both: together well fly if we just close our eyes
Repeat first 2 lines of chorus, with improvisation

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