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Tim McGraw

If i lived and breathed before you loved me, i don't recall
if i walked around at all it was in bits and pieces of a jaggedheart
you kissed me and every piece went back in place, every pain goterased
you held me up to the sunlight
now it feels like

no one ever left me out in the rain
cold words still remain unspoken
and i never got lost,
spent years in the dark
you're here now my heart's unbroken
when i see you smile,
feel my soul again
and i'm unbroken

if i doubted the power of love,
baby, now i understand
i thank God for every day i wake up to the soft touch of yourmagic hands
in this world sometimes the only thing that's real is the way youmake me feel
babe, the change is day and night
i swear it's like


i still see the night
i fell into your eyes
and when we made love it felt like the first time


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