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Country Boy's Tool Box

Aaron Tippin

Sit down honey gotta have us a talk
Your man is a little upset
There's a couple of things that's been missing
And I ain't found 'em yet
I ain't pointing no fingers
Ain't layin' no blame
And I don't wanna lose my cool
But you just don't fool
With a country boy's tool
Tool box

Now did I hear you right
You loaned 'em out
To the neighbor down the road
Hey I'd just as soon
You'd let him have my ole bird dog
Or my favorite fishing pole
Now there's one little lesson
That they just don't teach in school
You just don't fool with a country boy's tool
Tool box

It was handed down
From my daddy's dad
Back in ninteen forty-two
And they may be rusty
and they might be old
But they're kinda like
my family jewels
Honey I love you
But there's something else too
That I care about a heck of a lot
Oh you just just don't fool
with a country boy's tool
Tool box

Now I don't wanna hurt
your tender heart
And I really do understand
That a friend in need
is a friend indeed
And you offer a helping hand
But if something gets broke
and it's gotta be fixed
Well I don't blame you know who
'Cause you just don't fool
with a country boy's tool
Tool box

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