Said I be down in the city
Walkin' around lookin' for someone
To be my victim to lay my
troubles on
Maybe a leader someone that'll
teach me
The ways of the road
The way to survive this hellhole
When the grass is green

When the grass is green
I'll be swimmin' in a zone
I just dread to be alone
'Cause I'm afraid of me
Well, well, well....
And ain't nobody here when I'm
goin' through
I can't trust what I'll do to me
'Cause I have lonely dreams
When your grass is green

Down on the river contemplating
maybe suicide
Or maybe I'll take somebody
else's life
I didn't touch your purse for fun
I had a gun, I needed the funds
So don't you condemn me if you
don't know me
'Cause I'll be feenin' when your
grass is green


Said I be donw in the gutter
Lookin' for food
Lookin' for mental satisfaction
And physical reaction
'Cause ain't no fairy in these tales
It's all about talkin' what you want
And makin' ball
And hopin' yo momma love you still
'Cause this grass ain't nothin' but
a mirror

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