Late one night at the cafe
I think I had a Greyhound that night
Lookin' for my lover in the darkness
She said she would meet there
So she says why she was late
Said she couldn't get her hair done
Well you know how that is
Constantly tapping on the table
Givin' me every indication somethin's wrong

Hey Blue I know you well
I can tell by the way you carry yourself
Hey Blue across the room
I can see you when you're with him, I'm with you

She wears her lips dark
That's what I like
But it doesn't make things right not tonight
As she dwells out the out door at the left

I followed her
Oh you don't know what I felt
At that moment that I reached the sidewalk
I see this car there she sits there
And she doesn't even know me anymore
So I confront her with a smile
And a wave away, now Blue you know better


Hey Blue I know you well
'Cause when I know you, I know you
And Blue knows
Hey Blue across the room
I'm inside of you, I watch your every move, ooh

I can tell when somethin's on your mind
It sort of shows in your eyes
The way you move your thighs
Hey Blue across the room
You know I know I can see you
When you're with him I'm with you

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