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What You Want?

Too Phat

Tell me what you want boo, now it`s gettin' pretty confusing
Go on cry for all I care, ain't ish i'm losin'
I thought your friends warned you this bound to happen
And now they laughin' cause back then you was no rap fan
Until you read about me in the paper and the mags
And daily on the radio until you got the wax
Some mere infanuation, until you got to check me out in person
First sight of me causing exhiliration
You love the way I do my cap and how I move the crowd
The funny way i hold the mic it kind make you smile
So that the kid that got mo chickss than kentucky ay
You tried your luck hoppin' it's one of your yer lucky days
Snuck to the backstage I said relax ay
No need to panic I'll sign anything you ask me babe
Flashed your thighs wouldn't settle for less
And left my crib the same night with autographs on your chest,for real

(Chorus A-Camelia)
If you wanna party baby know that I will be there by your side
Treat me like a lady I'll be yours tonight the felling's all soright
Leave your boo behind while you and I together we'll rock thisfantasy
Baby tell me what you want from me

It'sall butter baby, now lemme show your man how real a playatreat a lady
Forget the fool the situation lookin' pretty shady
Now chillin it daisy keep it proper
rerlax your mind and soul and get down with this hip hopper
Pimp poppa, Jzoe is what they used to call me cookiue
And when it comes to lovin' yo you know I ain't rookie
I love your style and profile, the way you dancin'
Now skoo the puppy love it's time real romancin'
I'll make breakfast in bed, I'll lift the toilet seat
Your man harassin' you, his gass and plus he gettin' beat up
Actin' all hostile, you don't need that love child
Press the speed dial, and holler at me on the mobile
And come to my crib and make it happen
Ain't no confusion, just chillli and relaxin'
My love ain't temporary, the type of story
we gon' be tellin' our children hen we forty...

(Chorus B-Camelia)
Anytime you want me boy just ask me know that I am by your side
All these fellings i have inside my heart no I can never hide
Tell me what you know that I would try to live your fantasy
baby tell me what you want from me

It was just a night thang, yeah sure wasn't the right thang
I never thought of all the drama that it might bring
A playa straight chillin' until I heard that you be catchin'feelings
Sick of your grillin' when you see me illin'
And kneelin' you beggin' for rendezvous ang stuff
That ish ain;t gon' happen sil a 'gac and go loosen up
Flings a fling fling, love is love love
I'm thru with you boo, enuff is nuff nuff
You got your man I got my own girlfriend
A couple of flirt friends so I don't need hoe fans, bub
My shorty's back so quit calli' my celly
And if you miss me daily, there's a vide on the tele, yeah...

I like the way you rock your prada, jock escade
You lookin' hotter by the minute honey come to poppa
I love the way you always smellin' nice
Your eyes mesmerize, make me memorize
Them features of your face girl, full of grace girl
You got taste, lemme embrace and then race you to bed girl
Won't close my eyes till I kiss you goodnight
Let me hold you tight you know it's gon' be aight and butter

(Chorus B,A,B)

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